ARTEOS HOME is a online store founded in Latvia in 2022, the owner of which is the company SIA Arteos, reg. no.: 40203437919, who started his activity with the sale of interior decor, household goods and gift sets.

Company mission:

"We help to find and see the beautiful, the best interior decors, and by providing valuable advice in the creation of interior design!"

Our values:

1) Satisfied customer. It is important for us to provide the customer with the best shopping experience - we provide fast delivery of goods (we place the order and send it out within 1-2 working days), sale of quality products, beautiful product packaging.

2) We sell high-quality and beautiful interior design items. The ARTEOS HOME team orders most of the products from France and Germany. Some of the products are made by the owner of the company: Dāvids Jānis Baumanis.

3) Communication is key. If you have any doubts or about the order - we will be more than happy to provide you with answers to your questions: | Phone no.: +37129533357

4) To see the beautiful in everyday life and be able to share it with others! Each of us can create a beautiful environment around us and we can be happy about it! We will be happy if you visit us:

On Instagram: @arteoshome

What does ARTEOS mean?

Arteos is an artist who can create and see beauty, share it and help you see it. Arteos is harmony, a beautiful and orderly environment. Arteos is a part of each of us that is about creativity.